JKBMS Vol. 5,No.2

Article 1: Risk factors, presentations, associated anomalies, and outcomes of patients with encephalocele.

 Nawzhin Jange Jalyzada, Ari Sami Hussain Nadhim, Nabaz Muhamad Mustafa.

Article 2: Effect of Flurbiprofen spray on postoperative tonsillectomy pain .

Abdulkhaliq Kerim Hamad Emin.

Article 3: Depression in adolescents with beta-thalassemia major in Erbil city-Iraq .

Liqaa Habeeb Yousif, Selwa Elias Yacoub.

Article 4: Assessment of root canal configuration of mandibular incisors using cone-beam com puted tomography in a sample of Iraqi patient.

Saud Jasim Othman Dizayee, Raid Fahim Selman.

Article 5: The evaluation of platelets parameters in patients with acute coronary syndrome from single cardiac center in northeastern Iraq.

Kocher Hassan Abdullah, Awaz Ahmed Kamal Shalli, Ali Ibrahim Mohammed, Sana Dlawar Jalal.

Article 6: Outcome of patients with locally advanced Non-small cell lung cancer treated with sequential chemotherapy and radiotherapy in Duhok/ Iraq.

Ramadhan Tayeb Othman.

Article 7:  Patterns and outcomes of posterior fossa extradural hematoma-six years study in emergency hospitals of Erbil city .

Gulshan Talat  Muhammed, Sameer Hassan Aboud.

Article 8:  Prognosis of patients with primary intracerebral haemorrhage in Erbil city: evaluating presentation, location and outcome. 

 Azad Hasan Kheder, Abdullah Faqiyazdin Ahmed.

Article 9: Comparison the Effect of trans-septal suture technique versus the intranasal Merocel packing regarding local nasal pain and sleep disturbances after septoplasty .

Said Mustafa Said.
Article 10: Hypoxia inducible factor 1α (HIF 1α) and monocarboxylate transporter 1 (MCT 1) in papillary thyroid carcinoma; A study in Sulaimani City/Iraq.

 Hadeel Adnan Yasseen, Ari Mohammed Abdullah.

Dnya Jaza Mohammed, Sana Dlawar Jalal, Ahmed Khudair Yassin, Ali Ibrahim Mohammed

Article 12: Can Cobalamin prevent Oxaliplatin induced peripheral neuropathy?

Naza shakir shareef shekhany, Jangi Shawkat Salai

Article 13: Prevalence of retained placenta and its correlation with maternal demographic characteristics.

Khansaa Hikmat Abdulrahman, Shahla Kareem Alaf

Article 14: Arthroscopic Treatment of Anterior Ankle Impingement Abstract.

Ali Abdulkhaleq Ibrahim, Abdulkadr Muhammed Sleman Alany

Article 15: Bipolar versus monopolar transurethral resection of the prostate (TURP): A prospective
study of two urology centers.

Rebaz Hamza Ismael, Pishtewan Hashim Al Bazzaz, Dazvan Nazir Zeebari, Ashraf Fikrat Hassan

Article 16: The surgical and oncological rational of partial nephrectomy for the treatment of
localized renal cell carcinoma.

Ahmed Abdulhameed Saadoon, Pishtewan Hashim Al Bazzaz, Zubair Muhammad Agha, Wisam Sedeeq Omar

Article 17: Adverse outcomes of obesity on pregnancy.

Zainab Mahmood Mohammed, Ghada Saadalla Alsakkal

Article 18: Rebound hyperbilirubinemia in a sample of newborns with jaundice.

Iman Akram Hamad, Dlair Abdulkhaliq Chalabi

Article 19: The relationship between serum vitamin D level & chronic periodontitis in patients attending Khanzad center in Erbil city.
Yadgar Ghazi Mahmood, Vian Mohammed Hussein, Amal Hanna Aziz

Article 20: Cone beam computed tomography evaluation of root and root canal system of permanent
maxillary first and second molars in a sample of Iraqi Kurdistan patients.

Suha Hussein Mohammad Saeed, Dara Hamarashid Saeed, Abdullkareem Ramadhan Ibrahim, Ako Omer Abdullah





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